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vpl-reports.de was established in 2015 to publish research reports from the Visual Perception Laboratory (VPL) Goettingen (Germany). Publications may be downloaded for personal and non-commercial use.

last publications:

Nothdurft, H.C. (2020) Distance versus hemifield costs in the identification of cued double targets. VPL-reports, 12, 1-32, vpl-reports.de/12/

Why yet another platform?

That has been a long dream. I wanted to have a kind of open access journal that is cheap for me as author. And I wanted to overcome certain formal restrictions that some journals put on their publications. (read more...)

Frequency of appearance?

Publications on vpl-reports.de will appear irregularly, likely 2-3 times per year. Just check it up - or ask for an alert.

Want to be Informed?

If you want to be informed about new publications on vpl-reports.de, please send an e-mail to with your e-mail address and the subject "alert, please". You may cancel that subscription any time by another e-mail to the same address with the subject "no alert, please". Alerts will not be made for new comments.

How long will papers here be available?

It is planned that the publications here will be available for, at least, 10-20 years, even if the vpl-goettingen might have closed earlier. In addition, most papers have received a DOI (which happens with some delay after publication) and are then long-time stored in the repository.publisso.de (DOIs are listed in the archive).

Do you wish to comment?

Is here a certain paper you want to comment, criticize, or support? You are very welcome to do so. I am sure I will learn from your comments. To let other readers perhaps learn too, consider to make your comment public - provided you are willing to sign it by name. Read more about the attempt to replace the usual peer pre-review by a public post-reviewing process. And find out about the general requirements and the procedure for publishing your comments. And finally use the comment function at the article you want to discuss.

May YOU publish on vpl-reports.de?

As said above, vpl-reports.de was founded to publish work from the VPL-Goettingen. I have not yet thought of making it a platform for external publications. My major interest is still research, not the layout of manuscripts (even though that is fun to some extent). However, if you think of a collaboration in one or the other way, let's discuss it.