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Your comments are very welcome. If you want to enhance, support or criticize a particular paper here, please do so. If you think your comments might also be helpful to others, please consider to have them published on vpl-reports.de.
There are a few requirements, however.

When considering to write a very detailed comment
- you may contact me beforehand. You don't have to (and spontaneous comments are often better than long considerations). But think about eventual problems before spending too much time on your comment. For example, someone else might just have written a very similar comment that is waiting to be included. Or your comment could be so off topic that I would not like to publish it here. (In general, that should not be the case, and I could naturally not get that opinion before I have indeed read your comment.)

When writing your comment
- be fair and constructive. I have spent quite a bit of time on that paper. :-)
- try to be short. Can you do it with less than 3000-5000 characters? (This page has about 2400.) - give it a heading that may attract the reader. If your text has to be longer, please make use of sub-headings so that readers are guided through your arguments.
- start with a short summary in the first 5-10 lines, which I could use for a list of comments should there be many. Readers will be able to click from there to the full comment.

When going to send your comments
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- for sending your comment, please go to the page with the paper you want to comment on and use the input form there.

Wait and stay relaxed
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- Don't be upset if I decide not to publish your comment. Should that happen, I will tell you why.

If that sounds all too complicated
Please note that your comment is (likely) most welcome even if you do not want to publish it on this website. Thank you.